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Voice: Criminals are not born, they are made

May 26, 2001

As we journey through the avenues of life we are confronted with a society of emulators. Is it because we want to be someone other then ourselves, so we find it more pleasing to emulate a neighbor, relative, co-worker or a character in a television program that we frequently watch?

The dictionary describes emulation as imitation. In the business world to emulate is considered a compliment! But how many people are in business? And how can it be a compliment when it is used in a marred environment of hatred and envy!

The youth in our society today find it more appealing to emulate mannerisms, language and violence of a character that they come across in a movie, television program, CD or the person they are most around. By simply taking a gun or some kind of weapon to school and having others do the same, they are passing on an emulation of violence, hatred and malice. Teaching our children in this millennium not to emulate the bad in another person's behavior should be an important element in society today.


Why are we not satisfied living our lives in accordance with God's laws, society's laws and our own standards? What chance do we have of maintaining our own values if we must go around imitating another person's ways? If God wanted us to act and live in the same manner, he would have made us all of the same image.

Emulation, if channeled in the right direction can be a good thing, but if it is done with malice and hatred, it can be a very destructive element in our society.

Perhaps we in society should think of this every time a crime is committed and we see an individual imitating another person: "Criminals are not born, they are made!"



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