Voice: IID should move toward establishing government by the people

May 26, 2001

Excluding the possibility that Imperial Irrigation District staff is exceedingly ignorant, I find that IID has been devious in:

(1) Not recognizing debt service/other obligations as a budget requirement category.

(2) Having an ECA rate as well as an ECA billing factor (the ECA rate is an oxymoron statement).

I find the IID board has "ruled behind closed doors" and "directed staff and consultants to lie," e.g.

(1) The agricultural power consumers shall be called the general wholesale consumer class (an oxymoron statement).

(2) Twelve-hour runs conserve water.

(3) The historical use of water by gate constitutes the baseline for identifying "wet water."

The "lie" that IID water is under state jurisdiction has been woven and emerged over many years. And it is in a separate category.


The course of action that the majority of you have pursued will make a wasteland of Imperial Valley, i.e.

(1) Allocate water to the gate and thereby deliver IID's water rights to the landowners.

(2) Establish that IID's water is under state jurisdiction as well as the companion defensive transfer provision whereby the landowners will make as much profit on "threat of appropriation" transfers as on voluntary transfers. It will be the awareness and understanding, and will and determination, and actions of the people that will change that course. (That's called government of the people.)

While I have painted you with the "worst of words" brush, you are also the best of worlds. So it is that I make the following requests:

(1) Recognize "organizing and planning projects" as the projects they are.

(2) Have a project director and lead planner for each of these projects.

(3) Have the project information introduced to the full board at a regular board meeting as an information item.

(4) Have a public hearing and written comment period.

(5) Bring it back to the board as a board hearing/action item.

Strangely enough, "directing that this be" (based on exercising your executive power) constitutes a giant stride toward establishing government by the people.


El Centro

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