Voice: Calipatria is clean, neat and no ‘one-stop town'

May 29, 2001

The Calipatria Chamber of Commerce would like to thank the Imperial Valley Press for its recent article about our fabulous new school site, the Bill E. Young, Jr. Middle School. It is not very often that articles about the great things happening in the Northend of our county get mentioned.

However, we do take exception to the reporter's remarks concerning our city and its residents. We are not a "one-stop town," however small we may be. That remark was derogatory and unfair and not appreciated by our city residents or the chamber. Has your reporter seen any other part of our community except the ride up here to look at the new school?

The houses across from the school, with one exception, are kept looking neat and tidy. (The one exception is an eyesore that ALL cities have, and is involved in legal battles to clean it up.) There are many people living in our community who take pride in not only their own property but go out of their way to try to make our city a cleaner, better place in which to live.


There is one gentleman, George Widmann, who has for years, single-handedly taken on the task of removing the graffiti from the buildings, fences and parks in our city. There are more people who walk in the mornings and evenings and pick up trash wherever they find it. There are many residents who help each other and those unable to take care of their yards and property. Every comunity has places within its boundaries that are not taken care of properly. Maybe the Press should look around at its own area and see if they can help improve their city or neighborhood themselves.

With the thought in mind that we do have caring residents in our community, the Calipatria Chamber of Commerce would like to invite the members of the editorial staff, the reporters and camera people up for a tour of our city so that they might get a better view of our town. We will be happy to accommodate you any day that you can come. We will provide you with lunch and answer any questions you may have.

It is important to us, as it is important to other communities, that the total picture be made available in your newspaper in regard to what is happening in not only Calipatria but all the other cities and communities in our Imperial Valley.

The Calipatria Chamber of Commerce phone number is 348-5039. Please give us a call at your convenience. One of the board members will be glad to help you in anyway they can.


Calipatria Chamber of Commerce (and the other members of the chamber board)

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