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Thank you: Patel, Pioneers praised by patient

May 30, 2001

I come from a family in which blindness is prevalent, so when my vision began to fade, I chose Dr. Jay Patel to preserve my sight, if possible.

On May 9, I had cataract surgery on my left eye in Pioneers Memorial Hospital in Brawley.

There I learned that the hospital is truly a caring institution: The doctor on duty in emergency, seeing me in my wheelchair, rushed me into emergency. When he leaned I was there for cataract removal, he directed my caretaker, my husband and me to Dr. Patel's surgery.

There I received the best of care. Since I have trouble breathing under optimum conditions I am grateful to the nurse who immediately supplied me with oxygen and to the anesthesiologist who quieted my fears that I might stop breathing while under anesthesia.

Another nurse injected the glucose needle painlessly.

Dr. Patel has done over 8,000 cataract surgeries; I foresaw no problems with the surgery, and it went quickly and painlessly.


I want to thank Pioneers for being a truly caring hospital and Dr. Patel and his staff for having made it possible for me to see well enough again so that I can continue writing (and reading my beloved mystery, philosophy and poetry books) to life's end.

I only wish others in my family could have had such excellent, caring surgery. Sight is a terrible thing to lose.


El Centro

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