PROBE: May 31, 2001

May 31, 2001

QUESTION: With the energy crisis in California, it fries my hide to drive by the El Centro Post Office and see the door wide open — all day, every day. I drove by a week ago Sunday and the door was standing open!

I understand the door is broken but why don't they get it fixed? — Taxpayer, El Centro

There are two broken doors at the post office. Postal employees leave the back door open while loading and unloading bundles of mail. If they close it after hours, they can't get back into the office.

But you're talking about the front entry doors where postal patrons come and go.

Acting Supervisor Max Reyes said a repairman has been called. He could arrive as early as today or early next week.

In the meantime, the Post Office is leaving the door open.

"It makes a loud grinding noise when you open and close it. Using it could make the problem worse," Reyes said.


QUESTION: Two weeks ago during state testing, Central Union High seniors were herded into the gymnasium for a "sober graduation" assembly given by the California Highway Patrol.

After all the emphasis on the importance of not driving after drinking, why did the CHP give a champagne glass as a souvenir? — Angry Mom, El Centro

The CHP says it didn't give souvenir glasses at its "sober graduation" lecture. What it gave away was "lanyard" or a rope to carry keys and a whistle.

A senior who attended the lecture said there were no champagne glasses but he said he didn't get a whistle either. Sorry about that.

ADULTERATED MAYONNAISE — I thought your response to "Anti-War, Holtville" was excellent. Although I was in the South Pacific at the time, it brought back many memories. I enjoy your column.

I am curious. What did they do with the grease which you mixed with mayonnaise? — Veteran, Holtville

We guess they made bombs with it. Although, we were consumed with guilt, the fat content in a tablespoon of mayonnaise was (and is) as high as in a tablespoon of bacon grease. Check any diet book.

QUESTION: What did that ungrateful "anti-war SOB" think we should have done after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor?

I agree with him in some cases. I don't think we should be sending Americans to fight in Vietnam, Korea and the Middle East. — Veteran, Westmorland

After Pearl Harbor, there were no anti-war Americans. Lines of young men eager to enlist stretched around the block at recruiting offices on Monday after the Sunday attack.

QUESTION: I need your help. My 7-year-old-daughter will not allow Ken and Barbie to get married because they don't have the proper wedding attire.

I have looked at Wal-Mart, Kmart, KB's and Toys R Us. I even went on the Internet with no luck. Where do I go from here? — Unhappy In-law, El Centro

Get yourself some bits of lace, satin and a needle and thread. Make the wedding gown. You'll have fun. Or, maybe a PROBE reader has a Barbie-size wedding gown stashed away.

OK, readers, if you want to help produce the doll wedding of the season, you can reach Barbie's grandma via e-mail: or call us at 337-3448.

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