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Voice: Kofford columns are less than zero

June 02, 2001

I found interest in a recent letter written by C.R. Waegner, to this newspaper, concerning the Imperial Valley Press' columnist, Bret Kofford, where he shared his opinion that Mr. Kofford had failed the "usefulness and interesting test."

While I agree in some aspects of his argument, I disagree with his analysis that Kofford's column is no more than filler. In order to meet this criterion, the column has to have some trivial value or substance to the subject being discussed. On the contrary, Kofford's writing does not possess the necessary requirements, or the specifications to grasp any outward appearance, and therefore retain the prerequisite for an object of social redeeming value.

With all forms of print media, the level of interest requires, no demands that the written story or the subject delineated must be newsworthy or engaging. Mr. Kofford's columns lack interest, usually are awkwardly written, or just plain off the wall, leaving the reader "Lost in Space."


My question to you Mr. Kofford is, are your writings for this newspaper, solely for your entertainment, or do you really want us to take you seriously? I was pondering this question, because for sometime now, your articles have scarcely held a readers attention, and most of your editorials lack a demonstration of credibility or a proficiency of an unbiased opinion.

Ah! Maybe Mr. Kofford wants fame, and by writing his discourse, he seeks fame in our small community. But, as George Santayana wrote in his "Reason in Society," "The highest form of vanity is love of fame."

Well, Mr. Bret Kofford, that might be what you need. Increase the level of interest in your subject matter, and just maybe, more people will take you seriously. You never know, you might make it to where you're going before the citizens require all journalists to be licensed, but until then, give us something more than just a zero. Did I say journalist?


El Centro

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