Voice: Honor Mrs. Hermosillo's memory and works with a contribution

June 02, 2001

We extend a heartfelt sympathy to the Hermosillo family in their time of great sorrow. Mrs. Maria Cristina Ramos de Hermosillo, a loving wife and mother, died of leukemia May 23.

Mrs. Hermosillo was a servant to her community and particularly had a genuine passion to help the homeless children of Mexicali. She provided them with shelter, healthcare, education and above all, love.

I ask you to join me with your generous contribution to support and fulfill Mrs. Hermosillo's vision, known as the Villa Esperanza project, of providing the destitute child of the street with adequate housing and care. Contributions are needed and appreciated — however small or large. We appreciate your consideration for these needy children as they struggle to make their own way in this world.

You can make your donation directly to the foundation's bank account at: Fundación Villa Esperanza 2000, Bital Bank No. 401415 or make your check payable to Imperial County and make notation on the check for Mária Cristina Hermosillo. Please send your checks to:


Imperial County

Attn: County Auditor

940 W. Main St.

El Centro, CA 92243


County supervisor

District I

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