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Voice: Young Veysey family member helps stranded motorist

June 04, 2001

Today was a sad one for me as I have lived in and about the Valley for the past 65 years.

Well, let me tell you and everyone else about the time you think that you know it all, that's when you do not know anything as you would think.

Well, after an hour I knew that I was getting into trouble and had to do something, so I walked to the nearest blacktop and water, as my water was gone.

After waiting for what seemed an hour and I was almost out of my head, a young fellow came by and stopped. I asked him if he would give me a jump start. Of course he said he would and we went down to my vehicle. After getting there I introduced myself and he did the same. About that time he brought out a bottle of ice cold water, which I drank it all.


At that time I found out that he is the son of John Veysey, grandson of Victor Veysey and nephew of Tom Veysey. I am so sorry I cannot remember the young fellow's first name, but I can say this that I may very well owe my life to you as now I think that you might not have known how bad of shape I was in.

For all of this I must say to you that I am so grateful and your family can be very proud. Young Veysey, my sincere thanks.



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