Calexico residents charged in Mexicali boy kidnapping

June 06, 2001|By DARREN SIMON, Staff Writer

Two Calexico residents have been charged with kidnapping and holding for ransom a 4-year-old Mexicali boy, who, along with his mother, had attempted to enter the county illegally.

Charged were Edgar Ruben Marmolejo Herrera, 21, and Jesus Francisco Mendivil, 33.

A 13-year-old youth was arrested in connection with the case, but there was no information on whether the youth was charged.

Another Calexico resident, Patricia Herrera, was arrested in Mexicali in connection with the alleged crime.

She was arrested by Mexicali police, but there was no information available this morning on whether she remained in custody in Mexicali.

Calexico police Sgt. Jim Neujahr said she was not in custody in the United States as of this morning.

The complaint filed by the District Attorney's Office alleges Marmolejo Herrera and Mendivil unlawfully detained the 4-year-old boy and attempted to extort $600 on May 30.


The boy's name was blocked out by black ink in the complaint.

The arrests came after a reported smuggling incident in which a Mexicali woman and her son attempted to enter the United States illegally through the downtown Calexico Port of Entry.

According to authorities Patricia Herrera helped the boy cross and then took him to her residence on Third Street in Calexico.

Herrera then reportedly tried to help the mother cross, but they were detained by U.S. Customs inspectors. The two were sent back to Mexico.

The Mexicali woman asked for her son to be returned but was told he would not be returned until she paid a $600 smuggling fee, authorities have alleged.

Mendivil and Marmolejo Herrera have been released from custody and are awaiting a court date.

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