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Voice: MAPA leaders rationale for redistricting it wrong

June 07, 2001

Puffing on Cuban cigars, the counterrevolutionaries of MAPA met in a smoke-filled-backroom. The usual suspects: Rob Rube, Danny Sandia, "Whinito" Hernandez and their godfather, Rabble Aragont, hatched a plot to infiltrate the FBI.

Cristina Hijo de Matias was enlisted from outside because the FBI is underrepresented by Hispanic female agents. Exalted ruler Aragont approved the insurgency.

Government agent I.M. Listo conducted Cristina's interview.

"So, you want to become an FBI agent?" quizzed Listo, "Our question to you is: Who killed Abraham Lincoln?"

Hijo de Matias was game, "I don't know."

Listo concluded the interview, "OK. Go and find out. Report back to me as soon as you know something."

At another puff session of MAPA that next eve, Hernandez and Sandia croaked in unison, "How goes the infiltration of FBI's headquarters, Cristina?"

Rob Rube sniffed, "Brief me, Tina baby."

Cristina Hijo de Matias was overjoyed, "Raza, we are inside! The feds have assigned me to my first homicide case!"


Wannabe strongman Aragont swiveling back in his chair, his toothpick-size arms crossed and hair freshly curled, arrogantly looked down the end of his nose from his cold and steely blue eyes. He saw that this was good, "Comrade Cristina, you are a true believer and counterrevolutionary!"

As a result of the 2000 census, Hispanic nationalists interested in social engineering and division — never union — appeared before the county Board of Supervisors last week and exercised their right to free speech about the Sacramento Legislature's impending gerrymandering of Senate and Assembly districts.

Danny Santillan, Calexico gadfly, wants a local Hispanic to be elected and Roberto Rubio wishes the same. Siding with them was John Hernandez, erstwhile Central Union High School Board Trustee — booted from office by the voters last November — whined this way, "It's not about recreation … it's about representation," in referencing the constant preaching of hate and class struggle by him, Santillan and Rubio.

Messrs. Rubio, Santillan and Hernandez — all unhappy men — are dangerous to a democratic republic because their Hispanic nationalism is concerned about ideology rather than credentials and competence. They want a Hispanic elected, no matter if he were Castro or Pinochet.

John Hernandez amply demonstrated his danger through his denials and suppression of truth while disgracing his office and betraying the public trust.


El Centro

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