Guatemalan woman found in Salton Sea drowned, but death still raises questions

June 07, 2001|By MARIO RENTERÍA, Staff Writer

NILAND — The death of a Guatemalan woman whose body was found Saturday morning in the shallows of the Salton Sea near Red Hill Marina has been classified as a drowning — but that doesn't solve the mystery of her death.

Chief Deputy Coroner Sgt. Rick Macken said the death of Reyna Rosales, 39, was by drowning, but investigators still aren't sure if foul play was involved.

"We are still investigating because we want to rule out any foul play in her death," said Macken.

Macken said investigators are waiting for forensic and other results to come back to provide a better idea of her manner of death.

Rosales was returning to the Los Angeles area from a daughter's birthday celebration in Guatemala.

Macken also said the victim's husband told investigators she was not a legal resident of the U.S., which meant she had returned to the country illegally.


The last time her husband spoke to her was Friday when she was at a motel in Mexicali.

The husband is living in Los Angeles with two other children. He is a legal resident of the U.S.

Macken said it will take about one to two months to get back the needed test results.

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