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Voice: The evidence shows ECESD has top teachers

June 07, 2001

A reply to Sally Sanchez, who states that El Centro Elementary School District teachers are not doing their jobs:

You have a point. There are substandard teachers in our schools. Likewise, there are doctors that I will not go to for medical purposes, lawyers I will not hire, engineers who make faulty buildings, policemen who are corrupt and administrators who are incompetent. Because there are a few professionals who are not competent, it is a gross generalization to say that none deserve your respect.

Where did you arrive at the figure that "only half of them are really doing their job"? Did you conduct a survey? What research do you have to validate your statement?

Here is a fact: every school in the El Centro Elementary School District met or exceeded the API target for the 1999-2000 school year.


El Centro and the state of California are on the front end of a teacher shortage. Qualified and experienced teachers are leaving the district because they are tired of the labor dispute and can easily get jobs somewhere else.

In light of these facts, why is the superintendent antagonizing all of the teachers in the district by not offering a fair contract? Does he believe this will keep and attract excellent teachers?


El Centro

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