PROBE: June 8, 2001

June 08, 2001

QUESTION: Last Friday I took a $1,200 check to the Wells Fargo Bank in El Centro to cash. The teller said she couldn't cash the check because the bank didn't have enough money. She told me to come back Monday. Is it possible the bank didn't have enough money to cash a $1,200 check? — No Cash, El Centro

We suspect the bank could have emptied all the drawers and come up with $1,200 to cash your check.

It is possible to underestimate how much money will be needed to meet cash demands and to run out of money, said Wells Fargo service manager Manuel Nuñez.

That's particularly true on a Friday that falls on the first day of the month, as happened last Friday. That's when welfare, Social Security and payroll checks are cashed.

"The demand for cash can be incredible," said Nuñez.

When money starts running low, the bank may put a cap on how big a check it will cash.


If you had talked to a bank official, something could have been worked out, he said.

The solution was easy if you had a checking account at the bank. In that case, you could have deposited the check and wrote a smaller check for cash.

QUESTION: Recently I bought a car stereo from Discount Stereo in El Centro. After the store installed the stereo, I started having electrical problems with my car. Fuses blew and there was a strong smell of burnt plastic. I asked the store owner if she could redo the installation. She blew up. She said I caused the electrical problems. Knowing nothing about electronics, I didn't touch the work done by the store. Is there anything I can do about this? — Music Man, El Centro

Take your car and your receipt for the stereo and the installation to the store. Talk to the owner, Fina.

She promised, "We'll check it out and fix it if we can. We'll do everything we can to make the customer happy."

Let us know how this turns out.

QUESTION: Twenty-five years ago my sister-in-law picked up her baby daughter and left my brother. They were living in Perris at the time.

Nobody in our family has seen the girl, Mary Frances, since. We heard the child and her mother were in Mexicali. Recently my brother Jesus Jacobo and I ran into his ex-wife's sister in Perris.

She said the mother and daughter were living in Calexico. Mary Frances has three boys, grandsons of my brother. I have lived in Calipatria, just an hour from Calexico, for years.

Mary Frances would be 28 years old. My sister-in-law was the former Mary Lou Ramos. Please help us. My brother would like to see his grandchildren. — Aunt Martha, Calipatria

OK, PROBE readers, if you know the former Mary Frances Jacobo, tell her to call her aunt Martha Oliva at 348-2743 in Calipatria.

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