Voice: Calexico's Jasper/Bowker road alternative will hurt established industrial base

June 08, 2001

The proposed Jasper/Bowker road alternative is contrary to all planning and encouragement the city of Calexico has professed for the last 25 years. That is to say the city has designated industrial areas both east and west of Cole road and Highway 111.

Consequently, there have been millions of dollars invested in industrial properties throughout this area. Also, there are many new projects on the table, ready to fill the empty industrial property now available. I have a multi-million dollar industrial complex to be constructed on property we own on Cole Road, a quarter-mile west of Highway 111.

The planning and actual construction of those industrial investors has been going on for 15 years and will continue. If hardships are imposed on those investors it is certainly reasonable to believe all new investments in this area will come to a halt. I for one will not invest another cent in Calexico if my property value goes down and that will happen if we are not careful. To add another 4.2 miles per truck trip to our industrial park area is a hardship not necessary to burden those who use Cole Road to access the commercial truck crossing gate.


The expense to make Jasper and Bowker roads into truck routes could more efficiently be used to make the one mile of Cole Road accessible to both automobiles and trucks.

I believe the city of Calexico should realize we are a terminal between California and Mexico and that is the future we must focus on. This "terminal" is the reason Calexico has grown and to discourage the obvious is to cut off our own nose to spite our face.

The bedroom communities should be planned in such a way as to bring unity with our dollar base.

Every community desires industrial growth (El Centro for example) to bring jobs and taxes to bolster an exhausted city budget. The city of Calexico must act positively in a manner conductive to economic growth or there will be no need to build more homes. I don't need to remind the city of the various projects that have desired to locate in Calexico but have found a more attractive and positive attitude 11 miles north.

So the City Council is more aware of the fiscal importance of industrial development, I have researched the amount of taxes my small industrial park has accounted for in the last seven years. The property taxes we have paid in the last seven years approximated $308,000, of which 28 percent goes directly to the city, or $86,240. The sales taxes we have accounted for are approximately $782,000, of which 18 percent goes directly to the city, or $140,760.

Adding the sales tax and property tax that go directly to the city comes to $226,240 for the last seven years. Each year the city receives about $32,320 from our small complex. This amounts to what the city receives from about 90 new homes. We account for over 200 new jobs that have better- than-average wages. Multiplying our complex with all the others in our area should be impressive as to the importance of conserving our industrial complex.



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