Players ready for all-star baseball game showdown

June 08, 2001|By ERIC GALVAN, Sports Writer

Going into Saturday's East/West high school all-star game local players and coaches are looking forward to the chance to take the field one last time.

"This game gives our guys a good opportunity to play in a game with no pressure on them," said Brawley coach Pedro Carranza, who will be leading the West squad. "We want them to have fun and just showcase what they have. It's pretty much like a pick-up game. That's basically what it is. But at the same time that competitiveness is still there."

Local high school seniors will form two squads for the inaugural game to begin at 7 p.m. at Imperial High School.

Representing the East will be seniors from Calexico, Central Union, Holtville and Vincent Memorial, who will battle with a West team made up of players from Brawley Union, Calipatria, Imperial and Southwest.


A big reason for the game is with the possibility of college scouts in attendance, players can make names for themselves.

"Everybody's going to be able to play, but for those who we think have potential to continue playing, they'll get some extra time out there," said Carranza. "This is probably going to be the last time these guys get the opportunity to show somebody that they can play at the next level."

The game will be nine innings instead of the normal seven played in high school. By playing nine the players can showcase their talents longer. With each team carrying about five pitchers, it will give those on the mound a chance to face high-caliber opposition with each at-bat.

While there would appear to be some pressure, those involved say they don't feel it. Some players agreed there will be less pressure in this game than in any other they've played.

"I'm really excited about this game. I know that I'm going to be the starting pitcher, but I don't feel any added pressure at all," said Southwest pitcher George Rapp. "We're still going to play our hardest, but the main thing about this game is just to have fun."

Said Brawley's Sergio Romo: "This game gives us the chance to play alongside guys we know and who have always been our rivals. And we also get the chance to show what we can do. I know that there's a few guys on each team who can do well and play on the next level. And this game is going to help showcase that."

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