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Voice: Stealing flags demonstrates lack of respect

June 11, 2001

I do not often feel the need to publicly vocalize my opinions, but as a longtime Imperial Valley resident, for the last several years I have been showing my pride in my country and those who have served it by displaying the United States flag along my property (which also runs along Interstate 8 between El Centro and Holtville).

When I see these flags flying in the breeze, I feel a large amount of pride. I think of those who have given of themselves to protect our right to live as we do, with more freedoms and rights than you could possibly find in any other country. This is why we have special days dedicated to them, so that what they fought for and sacrificed may not be forgotten.

I felt that in my displaying the flags, this would ignite a spark of emotion and pride from passersby. Unfortunately, there seems to be a loss of patriotism and honor in some people.


I find it extremely sad there are those people who seem to feel the need to show disrespect for the property of others, as I found that some of the display flags had been maliciously stolen from my property.

The people who took them must certainly have had to have gone to extremes to steal them as there is a fence between the freeway and my property.

I can only assume that the people who took the flags did so out of disrespect to myself and others. I hope that those who choose to participate in such vandalism feel some remorse because only in respecting yourself can you earn respect from others.

I will continue to fly my flags because I choose not to let the few "bad apples" disillusion me. I hope and pray that the words "honor," "patriotism" and "pride" are not things of the past and are only to be found in the dictionary.



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