Our Opinion: Congrats to the grads

June 11, 2001

With June upon us it is time for those graduating to don their caps and gowns, bid goodbye to one chapter in their lives and welcome a new one. We have had graduations from local colleges in May and this month seniors are graduating from high school.

We congratulate the graduates for the hard work they have done to reach this point. Those finishing high school have worked four years, plus all those years in elementary and middle school, to reach this time where the door to adulthood is opening.

Some will choose to go on to colleges and universities, others will choose trade schools, while still others will choose the military. No matter which direction these young people choose, they all need to know they can succeed if they work hard. It doesn't matter whether they had great grades or average grades, it is now up to each to find his or her success through determination.


Each deserves to celebrate how far he or she has come, but each needs to know he or she still has a long road ahead — just ask those students graduating from Imperial Valley College or from universities such as San Diego State University-Imperial Valley campus. They have had to put in countless hours working to earn their associate's and bachelor's degrees.

Some had to do so while working full-time jobs to support themselves or their families. Some college graduates chose to go back to school years after they finished high school and we are sure they can tell stories of how much they had to sacrifice to reach their goals.

What binds all these graduates, whether they are finishing high school or earning a college degree, is each has reached a goal. Goals allow us to achieve our dreams.

Many of the stories we do on graduations feature a graduate who has defied the odds to succeed. You will find people who set goals for themselves and didn't let any issues keep them from succeeding.

We would like to give credit to those teachers who educate our children and prepare them to face the world. We are lucky to have fine teachers in the Valley who care about our youth. Teachers inspire their students, push them to succeed and give them the tools they need to move to the next step.

Finally, parents deserve praise, for they are the ones who spend hours driving their children to school, practices, games and academic competitions, arguing with their children to do their homework and doing their best to offer guidance to those who didn't want to be guided.

This is an important time, but it is just a beginning. We wish all those graduating the best of luck and continued success.

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