PROBE: June 12, 2001

June 12, 2001

QUESTION: I am trying to find my husband's biological family. He was born in El Centro and raised in Holtville. His birth name was Everett Graf but he was raised by Sue and Buck Noble.

He loved and respected his adoptive parents dearly but they are gone. With no disrespect to his adoptive parents, he would like to locate his birth parents. His biological grandfather Joseph Frank Graf was a farmer.

He has some health issues and the information available from his biological family could be helpful.

I understand members of his birth family are still around Holtville. Any help you could give would be appreciated. — Concerned Wife, Hesperia

OK, PROBE readers, if you have a long lost relative in Hesperia, get in touch with the concerned wife. You can call her at (661) 559-3248. If you don't hear from anybody, remember some things are better left in the past.


A COMMON STEREOTYPE — Your answer regarding the Calipatria City Council's racist act was not an uncommon stereotype. In effect, you said, "Lazy Mexicans, you have the numbers. Get out and work!"

People who have been excluded, manipulated and suppressed take a long time to recover. The problem is exacerbated by the continuous flow of new immigrants.

You're right that numbers may make a change in the near future but not without fighting back against bigots who attempt to silence the voices who speak against existing racism. — Viva!, El Centro

If you have to fight, fight but don't start the war with name-calling. That's so 1970s! This is the 21st century.

The one thing we agree on is Hispanics have the numbers. Now you need some experience. To get the experience, you have to step out into the arena.Q

You may not win the first time out but you can't win if you don't get into the game.

WAITING AT THE LIGHT — Is there a plot to keep Holtville people out of El Centro? I drive from Holtville every day and it seems to me the signal light stays red longer. Why? — Stalled, Near El Centro

Let's face it, more vehicles are trying to get from Calexico to Brawley (or vice versa) than from Holtville to El Centro.

To keep the north-south traffic moving, the light stays green longer.

Driving to El Centro from Holtville is just a series of long red lights and short bursts of green.

QUESTION: I live in Niland and I can't get through Calipatria without getting stopped by a cop!

Once the cop said my seat belt was not tight enough. The next time he said I didn't stop right at a stop sign!

Last Friday I was waiting at a stop sign and a cop turned on his red light. He wasn't after me. He was after the other car in the lane next to me.

That night I decided to turn off on a farm road to go around Calipatria. You guessed it … another red light in my rear-view mirror. This time it was a deputy sheriff.

He said he stopped me because there had been a lot of farm thefts in that area! Do something! — Dodging Cops, Niland

Calipatria cops may be making a lot of stops but apparently they are not issuing a lot of tickets. Calipatria Police Chief Reggie Gomez said the six-man force issued 89 tickets in May, or fewer than three a day.

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