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Voice:Romo should resign from Calexico housing board

June 14, 2001

A few months ago some residents of the Housing Authority of the city of Calexico, the Calexico Resident Council and Casas del Sol went before the City Council and demanded Mr. John Romo be reappointed as a housing commissioner. We truly believed he would work for his community and for those who had supported him in all of the injustices he had endured in the past.

Now, as one of the residents of the Housing Authority of the city of Calexico, I feel I must come to you publicly and demand that you, Mr. John A. Romo, resign as the chairman and as a commissioner of this authority.

Your lack of professionalism and your inability to carry out the duties of the present position you hold with this authority leaves us with a feeling of embarrassment. We are ashamed that you call yourself our representative and that you claim to be our voice on the Housing Authority Board of Commissioners.


As someone very knowledgeable said not long ago, you don't know the correct spelling or the meaning of the word "teamwork." To you no such word exists because your ego does not allow you to acknowledge that through teamwork a lot of things can get accomplished.

Your childish behavior at the last meeting of May 17 and your insensitivity toward the needs of the community that elected you to serve on this board only reaffirms your inability to represent the best interest of the residents of this authority.

As you said at this meeting, "It is not important what the residents want or demand." What's important is what the majority of the board decides. We remind you that HUD's regulations are very clear as to the role of the residents and the importance of the resident participation and someone like you with your position should know better than to be making these statements.

It is clear that you, Mr. Romo, as well as other commissioners, are not willing to work with the community you were elected to serve. Why not leave your "chair" for someone who will be willing to work for our community and not for the majority of the board?



Casas del Sol


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