Voice: Time to ban the right to bear electricity

June 15, 2001

Since every method of generating electricity destroys the environment (yes, even the habitat-stealing windmill and solar farms), we have no choice but to consider banning the private use of electricity.

There is no right to electricity in our Constitution. Therefore, our government is certainly free to limit its use among ordinary citizens. For example, they can start by making us take a test to prove that we can use electricity safely. If we pass this test, we may be issued a license allowing us to purchase a limited amount of kilowatts. (This same concept is now being pursued in the state Senate, but they are dealing with legal gun ownership, which IS constitutional!)

Of course, the famous, the powerful and the privileged who advocate the need to stop the proliferation of electricity will be issued a "concealed power" permit, knowing they will be unaffected from the same laws they are selling.


Living without electricity will present some inconveniences, but liberal-minded conservationists should welcome the challenge. "Dot.commers" help drive the economy, so the government can provide "computer armories," if you will, which they can visit from their dark homes to do their business.

Big media and the Democrats have gone into this business of deciding what we don't need as individuals: tax relief, SUVs, fathers, political free speech and the right to bear arms. Energy is the natural next step. The Democratic smoke-screen for our power woes is "price-caps." Big media claims that Bush's amigos in Texas are gouging California for billions. They refuse to inform us these "price-gougers" are paying huge fines every day to the EPA to run "dirty" power plants just to satisfy California's appetite for power. Price-caps equal blackouts.

Banning the individual "right' to bear electricity is the only answer to our power problem and should save thousands of lives a year.

"But even if it only saves one life, it will be worth it."


El Centro

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