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Voice: A ‘wonderful' graduation edition

June 15, 2001

Congratulations on such a wonderful section in last Sunday's newspaper with the listings from all the high school seniors. It will make a great souvenir for many of the graduates at Brawley Union High School and all the other schools.

We have always made it a habit to cut anything with our kids' names from the newspaper and included them in their memory albums. Unfortunately, your "wonderful" section also caused a few tears to be shed by some near and dear to my heart because there were many names that were not

included in these listings.

I am referring in particular to the names of the students at the Learning Center on campus at BUHS. Also, the names of the students from the other alternative education classes were not included.

These students will be graduating right alongside the rest of the class that attend "regular classes"; these students work just as hard as the rest of the kids and sometimes even harder because to many of them learning is not very easy.


We have many great programs at BUHS and we feel that even though some of the students are in different learning sectors. They will all be proud high school graduates come June 15. Even though the school will probably be publishing the names of "all" the graduates, this "wonderful" section is one we won't be keeping.



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