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Voice: Nothing wrong with passion about issues

June 15, 2001

In response to Mr. Boniface's June 7 charges of MAPA's "Hispanic nationalism" criticism letter, I would honestly hold back on those comments he made and instead of poking and gesturing at some of the players in this organization, I would recommend he take a look at the details and the great length that this organization has gone to in educating our public on this redistricting issue.

It is hard enough to get our people involved in the

community with issues and movements. With people making fun of "shakers and movers" such as you displayed in your letter, and with the comment saying that the MAPA organization would go the extreme in electing the communist Castro or the tyrant Pincochet, who has a legacy of torture, murder and international terrorism, is just not called for. I

would ask for your sincere apology on that.

Also, I know you mentioned the 2000 census and how the numbers and statistics have brought Hispanics to the table, but you failed to brief us on the divisive tactics that we're supposedly using to cause division in the community as we attend more and more community meetings.


I think, sir, maybe the division may lie in you and in

the comments you made. I suggest you look around, sir. There ain't nothing wrong with embracing emotions, nothing wrong with being passionate toward an issue or being of a certain race.

Our Founding Fathers followed their passion and look what happened to them. I believe, sir, you're standing in their way and on their land. Excuse me.



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