Voice: Vested interest groups scheming against the people

June 15, 2001

To: the president, Gov. Davis, others:

I call most-gross government "government for the family of Skarves." The Skarves are the vested interested groups who join together and scheme against the people to the end that they shall make great profit, e.g.

— The water marketing scheme in Imperial Valley

— The power marketing scheme, based on federal and state deregulation

Both of you inherited the power deregulation mess, i.e.

(1) Order 800 and 900 at the federal level

(2) Law that established state deregulation in California

The federal deregulation rule making occurred under President Clinton's administration. The state law was enacted under Gov. Wilson's administration. (The "establishment of most-gross government" is "base politics" that has been embraced by both parties.)


I faxed the president a memo, dated Feb. 8, which began:

— I hold that government shall be of law, the law shall be in the public interest and for the common good, the law shall be properly prepared and rule making shall be based on and consistent with the law.

I understand that Order 800 and 900 were promulgated without enabling law (i.e. the rule=making was spurious).

I faxed Gov. Davis a memo, dated Feb. 11, which began:

— It would appear that federal and state power deregulation were developed and pursued as one big scheme. And that the driving force behind it was the greed of the Big Boys and Moguls.

I find your partisan responses to one of the "biggest conspiracies against the people which has ever occurred to be most unfortunate (and counter-productive)".

I end where I began. I hold that government shall be of law … And my question is:

— Has the anti-trust (holding company) law, enacted in 1934 under President Roosevelt, been repealed? If not, I request that it be recognized and applied.


El Centro

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