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Voice: Appreciate your teachers

they are worth it

June 15, 2001

Yes, our teachers are worth it! From their modest financial awards to compliments that come far too infrequently, it is a red-letter day when a teacher receives a pat on the back.

Recently I received a big compliment as a Brawley music teacher. However, my accomplishments these past 11 years were only possible through the effort and support of these fine elementary teachers and administrators. Brawley elementary teachers do far more than what is expected of them and much more than they are compensated for.

Individual problems in a class of 30 students with layers of additional requirements on an already overloaded curriculum makes their task harder and leaves them with even less time to teach the mastery of basic skills. Outside of their immediate families, the people most important in our children's lives are our teachers. No matter what difficulties they face, they work hard for our children, our country's future.


Our teachers come to work early and stay late, giving up their lunch periods and often spending their own money on supplies for their students. Believe me, they are worth it. They deserve all the support and respect due them because they have earned it many times over.

Remember them, the teachers who so intimately touched your life and the lives of your children. They deserve your recognition and appreciation. Write them a little note of appreciation and while you are writing drop a note to your legislature. Tell them you expect them to keep their word to support public education. The teacher shortage is no joking matter, for even today it is affecting our children's future. Be involved in your child's life.



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