Voice: Letting Boniface lead the uneducated masses

June 16, 2001

Bless me, David Boniface, for I have sinned. You must forgive me.

You are correct. We must work for unity. I recognize you are a doctor and better than I. I must listen to you because you are my superior.

In politics you will help me by letting me know which candidates are qualified. With your help I will never again err in how I vote.

As my superior you have all the right to insult and call me names. For unity and your honor I must gladly take it and never answer you back.


I must never act like the El Centro high school teachers do at board meetings. They have more degrees and certificates and have all the right at board meeting to cuss in the presence of students, yell insulting names at board members, not be orderly and refuse to stop talking in the time allowed, demand less work and more pay, refuse to learn the feelings and culture of the non-English proficient students. (They act non-American and have no right in making the teachers toil.)

I must not question these teachers' demands and show full support, for only by going along to get along can we have unity. Oh God, how wrong I have been!

You are correct. MAPA has been acting non-American. Masterful David, you must attend MAPA at 6:30 p.m. June 21 in the El Centro Community Center and lead in the correct way to act.

I can't understand how MAPA members with Ph.D.'s, M.A'.s, B.A.'s, A.A.'s, school of hard knocks have been so sheltered and naive and not been aware of your correct beliefs. I'm sorry that we overlooked your beliefs for guidance to be true Americans.

I can't explain how MAPA's many USA veterans never learned in the military how Americans must act.

For unity, guidance in patriotism I must do what you suggest. Please rescue me from myself!

For respect should I turn my back to you when you pass? Should I bow, cheer, clap or should I donate a ring to kiss?

Oh I'm tired. Freedom is too much responsibility and work. I must live easier and become dependent on you. I must die serving on my knees for unity.

Unity is letting the educated and loud lead. The non-educated never have any wisdom, common sense or knowledge.

Hail David!


El Centro

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