Thank You: McCabe kindergartners extend thanks

June 18, 2001

As our school year comes to an end we'd like to thank the people who made our first year at McCabe School fun.

We got to do lots of fun things and learned a lot. We want to thank Mrs. McClain, our librarian, for reading us neat books every Monday. Thank you Miss Cindy and Miss Betsy for being such yummy cooks. Thank you Mrs. Brooke for visiting with us and helping us find the Gingerbread Man. Thank you Mr. Eddins for reading to us when you presented our read-aloud certificates. Thank you Mr. Mercado for making lunchtime fun.

Thanks to Mrs. Hendrix, Mrs. Gonzalez and Ms. Hernandez for helping Mrs. Horne so much. Thank you Mrs. Allison and Mrs. Valenzuela for smiling at us in the office. Thanks to PTO for giving each of us 3 RIF books this year.

We got to ride in a real ambulance when Mr. Garcia and his friend came to visit us. Thank you Mr. DuBois for teaching us fire safety. We got to meet Smoky Bear and Sparky the Dog at the public library. Thank you Blue Angels for letting us watch you fly. Thank you Mr. Casillas for cutting out birdhouses so that each one of us could build one during our wood unit. (They were spectacular!)


We were lucky to have families send in snacks; and mommies and daddies and aunties came into help in our classroom almost every day. Thank you Brooke for bringing us bubbles, songs and the parachutes. Thanks Selenne, Shawna and Melissa for helping us every afternoon when you could have been doing something more fun. We love you all!

This was quite a year for all of us. We wouldn't have had such a great time if it hadn't been for all the people who made it wonderful and full of memories. Thank you a million-jillion.


Room 1 kindergartners

McCabe School

El Centro

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