PROBE: June 18, 2001

June 18, 2001

QUESTION: Why should Calipatria name a street after Francisco Quiroz, a man nobody knows? Councilman Leonard Vasquez is trying to push it through because Quiroz was his father-in-law. — Resident, Calipatria

Vasquez said it's true Quiroz is the father of his wife but he never knew the man. Quiroz died before Vasquez met and married Quiroz's daughter.

Nevertheless, the councilman thinks it's only justice to name a street after a Calipatria Hispanic — and Quiroz, a groundbreaking local merchant, is a worthy candidate.

Vasquez might be an even better candidate. We've known him for 30 years and he's been involved in community projects all that time.


He helped form the Latin American Club almost 30 years ago and spearheaded the effort to convert an old movie theater into a clubhouse.

QUESTION: Is it true Vicente Fox, the new president of Mexico, moved his girlfriend into Los Pinos, the Mexican White House? — Shocked, Seeley

That's what they are saying in Mexico — and starting to say in the U.S.

Fox and his relationship with Martha Sahugun, his communications chief, was the subject of a column in a Southern California newspaper last week.

Sahugun discussed her romance with the president in a recent issue of Gente magazine.

However, when asked by reporters if she had moved into the presidential residence, she declined to answer.

QUESTION: My dog likes to chew on pens — and when she chews, the ink goes out. She did that recently and the ink went on my favorite quilt.

I have tried everything, including all the commercial stain removers, to remove it. Do you know of anything to take out ink from a ballpoint pen? — Scrubbing, No Address

The best remedy we know is to get to the stain quickly and scrub with soap and cold water.

Margaret Silva-Chairez, a former staff artist here, used to remove awesome India ink stains with cold water and soap. Her secret was to attack the stain within seconds.

We've had good luck taking out black oil stains with solid white vegetable shortening or margarine. The fat soaks up the oil stain and washes away with detergent.

We don't know if that will work with an ink stain. Perhaps our readers will have a solution.

NO HELP AT ALL — When I had a car stereo installed at Discount Stereo in El Centro, the electrical system in my car went haywire. I wrote to PROBE and you suggested I take the car back to the stereo store.

They looked at it and told me the same thing again. I thought they were going to help me. Instead, the owner got mad at me for publicizing my problem. I felt threatened. I surely do not plan to go back into that store again. — Unsatisfied Customer, El Centro

We are disappointed. Fina, the owner, told us she would do anything to "make the customer happy." Obviously, you are not happy.

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