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Calexico meeting on redistricting

June 19, 2001

to begin Wednesday


CALEXICO — After the redistricting of the county's supervisorial districts, Board of Supervisors Chairman Tony Tirado's District 2 will shrink in physical size because of Calexico's growing population.

The question is by how much?

On Wednesday, the last of three public hearings on the county's redistricting plans, an answer could be provided. The hearing will start at 7 p.m. in City Hall.

Tirado's district contains the communities of Winterhaven, Bard and Picacho, with the Colorado River as the eastern boundary.

Jasper Road is the northern boundary.

The southern bend of the All-American Canal before Dogwood Road is the western boundary. The southern boundary is the international border.


All four redistricting proposals exhibited at the public hearing in Brawley on Monday and to be exhibited at tonight's hearing in El Centro put the Winterhaven/Bard/Picacho area in Wally Leimgruber's District 5.

One, proposal B, adds the Calexico East Port of Entry to District 5.

"I am opposed to that," Leimgruber said Monday.

He said he is keeping an open mind toward the other three proposals but doesn't favor adding the port.

"It belongs in the Calexico district," he added.

Tirado doesn't favor proposal B either.

"I think proposal A is the best," Tirado said.

He added: "We have to keep the new districts as well-defined as anything can be. I think proposal A does that."

"A" would make Clark Road the western boundary of District 2.

The northern boundary would run from Clark east along Willoughby Road, continuing along Jasper Road and then a straight line from Jasper through the desert to Gordons Well, where a 90-degree jut south in the boundary would be the eastern border.

"You gotta look at it this way," Tirado said. "You'll notice the line (the northern boundary) is south of the highway. You have to focus closely because it's a tricky one."

Right after the bend in Highway 98 near Bowker Road, proposal A's northern boundary for District 2 runs parallel south of the highway until the 90-degree southern jut.

"I'd have shrubs and sand and the All-American Canal. I could go fishing," Tirado said.

He said even though proposal A would put Highway 98 in District 5, the proposal the board selects could still be tweaked.

"The committee and the staff have done a fantastic job," he said. "Now it is our time to let us show the four options to the public, choose a proposal and go from there."

He said one he would definitely not choose is "D."

"'D' is not a workable one," Tirado said.

District 2 Supervisor Hank Kuiper said he also doesn't like "D" or "B" because both split the township of Heber.

"I'm not in favor of splitting up Heber," Kuiper said.

Leimgruber, who would stand to gain parts of Heber under those two proposals, doesn't think the township should be separated, either.

"My concern with parts of Heber incorporated into District 5 is the school districting," Leimgruber said.

Despite his concerns with "B" and "D," Leimgruber said he will make his final decision after listening to public input at the three meetings.

Staff Writer Aaron Claverie can be reached at 337-3419.

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