PROBE: June 20, 2001

June 20, 2001

QUESTION: I live on Magnolia Avenue near the intersection of San Diego Avenue. For the last two weeks the water has tasted and smelled like sulfur. Please check it out. — Phew, El Centro

We got another call from a woman who said her water tasted "musty and dirty."

El Centro Public Works Director Steve Hogan said the Fire Department may be flushing water lines to test line pressure.

He was inclined to blame the off flavor on your pipes. That can happen when you repair a broken water line, he said.

He promised to sip and sniff your water, although he insists the city water tastes good.

In a comparison taste test of six waters, El Centro came in second, above pricy Evian and Arrowhead bottled waters, but behind Sparkletts, according to Hogan.

He didn't say who tasted the water but it may have been local samplers. Around here we like water with a little character.


QUESTION: What was the name of the district attorney looking into the stolen tax refund case? I think I have two more victims to report. — Helper, Calexico

Report them to Assistant District Attorney Joe Beard at 339-4331. Beard said he called the U.S. Attorney's Office to look into the alleged diversion of the refund checks. An El Centro reader says the victim must file a complaint with the Internal Revenue Service as soon as possible.

AS SOON AS POSSIBLE — IRS will investigate the complaint. If the financial institution that cashed the check or received the deposit cannot prove the intended recipient received the money, IRS will issue a reclamation order to recover the funds (from the financial institution) so IRS can send a new check to the proper owner. I work for a financial institution. — Been There, El Centro

We agree that the woman who suspects a tax preparer stole her refund check must file complaints immediately with both the IRS and Calexico police.

REMOVING INK — A product called Awesome works for me to remove ink stains. You can get it at a 99-cent store, or you can use another product, Simple Green. — Laundry Woman

REMOVING INK STAINS — I read about the ballpoint ink stain in the ivpressonline edition of your paper. There's nothing better than rubbing alcohol. Spread the stained area over a bowl and strain the alcohol through it. Blot and wash. It works on all ink stains, even Magic Markers. — Laundry Guy

Thank you.

STYLE HAIR SPRAY — Spray the quilt and wash it. I did that to get ink out of a pair of white jeans. — Woman

From white jeans?

A SPRITZ OF RAVE — I carry pens in my shirt pockets and get ink on my shirts. I use Rave hair spray. The hair spray dissolves the ink and you can wash it right out. — Guy

It's a miracle product.

LOAVES AND FISHES — We'll be distributing food earlier this month at the Loaves and Fishes community food pantry in Brawley.

Food will be handed out at 8 a.m. instead of 9 a.m. Saturday at the First United Methodist Church.

We will be sorting food at 6 p.m. During the summer we are short on food and volunteers. If you want to help, call the church or just show up Friday. — Volunteer, Brawley

The food pantry volunteers do good work. They make life a little better in their corner of the world.

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