Voice: Lung Association retracts condemnation of county air board

June 20, 2001

We retract our letter to the editor published June 4 in Voice of the People.

Unfortunately, we did not clearly identify which air district we were referring to in our letter. We apologize to the readers of the Imperial Valley Press and the Imperial County Air Pollution Control District for implying that they were not doing their job in protecting the public health against diesel emissions.

We have been informed that the Imperial County Air District has registered their emergency regenerators according to regulations. We have learned that Imperial County is exempt from rolling blackouts and therefore is not going to be using diesel generators as backups during the electric generation crisis in California. We have also learned that the Imperial County Air District has provided money to the El Centro school district to purchase natural gas school vehicles and is leading the county in encouraging natural gas fleets by building a fast-fill compressed natural gas fueling station.



CEO and president


Vice president, research and

environmental health

American Lung Association of San Diego and Imperial County

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