PROBE: June 22, 2001

June 22, 2001

MUSTY WATER — My water has been tasting musty and dirty for two weeks. I didn't say anything because I thought it was just me until another reader's complaint in PROBE. I thought I was getting sick.

I decided I would drink more water this summer but the water was so bad. I tried freezing it but that didn't improve the taste. I live on Eighth Street near Ross Avenue.

Where can I get my water tested? — Unquenched Thirst, El Centro

Call city public works at 337-4505. The city will send somebody to sample your water.

If you've been keeping up with this, you know El Centro Public Works Director Steve Hogan said a flurry of small earthquakes may have stirred the sediments in the city water storage pond. That could account for the off-taste some water users are reporting, he said.

By the way, the water in our office at Eighth Street and Broadway tastes just fine.


A BONE TO PICK — I have a bone to pick with you. You told the Calexico woman with the no-good cheating husband to "get over it!" I could deal with the cheating but to put it on the credit card. … I would throw his wrinkled rump out of the house. — Younger Wife, El Centro

Throwing a 75-year-old guy out of the house would amount to elder abuse! While his wife was vacationing in Mexico, he was turned on to Viagra by a Calexico pharmacist.

After being a good husband for 35 years, he deserves a little slack. He may be suffering from senile dementia.

QUESTION: I picked my husband up from work today. On the way home we saw a cop run a stop sign. He didn't seem to be going to an emergency; he didn't have on his flashing lights or siren. Anybody else would get a ticket. How can a cop get away with it? — Aghast, El Centro

The same way other traffic violators get away with it. He didn't get caught. If there had been another cop in view, we expect he would have stopped.

Actually, you could have intervened — or you could have gone straight to the police station and reported the violation.

We doubt he would have gotten a ticket but he might have gotten something worse, a serious lecture from the boss — or even a formal reprimand in his file.

QUESTION: Why did the El Centro City Council drop the case against David Dhillon for claiming to be the mayor when he isn't? He admitted it the last time this came up.

That's why Dhillon gets away with everything. They don't do anything. — Angry Resident, El Centro

What "case" are you talking about? As far as we know, nobody accused Dhillon of committing a criminal act.

The whole issue seems petty. City Councilman Jack Terrazas is right. It's time to move on.

By the way, we combined comments from two readers in the above "question."

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