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Voice: Housing Authority commissioners need to familiarize themselves with duties

June 22, 2001

I totally agree with your newspaper article of May 3 regarding the peaceful environment during the Board of Commissioners of the Housing Authority.

It was business as usual going through the agenda and seeing that every item that was beneficial to the residents was again turned down by the board's majority.

How long is this going to continue? Well, I guess until a miracle happens or the existing Board of Commissioners has the time to sit down and review or read its policy handbooks and code of federal regulations, we will continue to see the same old story.

What is intolerable is the comment made by one commissioner when she asked who was the Resident Council and if the authority had a wide Resident Council. Come on, this is ridiculous.


Where have you been for the past eight to 10 months, or since you were appointed to this position? Didn't you take the time to go and visit and have a number of meetings with the Resident Council members and ask for their concerns? Does this mean that everything they told you and showed you were beyond your understanding?

When are you going to put your personal agenda aside and do what is good for the people? When you were elected to this position I am sure it was because you had a purpose, or perhaps it was because someone just owed you a favor and you just wanted to know what everything was all about. Now things should be different because you had the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations and policies of this entity, but what is more important is you had the opportunity to see what is best for the residents of our community.

If you are not even familiar with those who for the past year and a half have been coming to us and asking for support and assistance, perhaps you should think twice about sitting as one of the Board of Directors of the Housing Authority.


Housing Authority Board of



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