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PROBE: June 25, 2001

June 25, 2001

QUESTION: How can we get youngsters on all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles and dune buggies off the canal banks around Imperial?

The signs say: "No trespassing — property of Imperial Irrigation District." Nobody pays any attention to the signs.

I have called this dangerous activity to the attention of IID employees almost on a daily basis. It's not only dangerous for the riders but hazardous to the health of the senior citizens living near the canal.

The dust rises up to 20 feet high behind the vehicles and floats onto our properties. Could these young people go to the desert and let us breathe clean air? — Choking, Imperial

We don't think IID expects anybody to take the signs seriously. The signs have been up 20 or 30 years and we don't recall anybody ever being arrested for trespassing on a canal bank. (IID will come unglued if it catches you swimming in a canal.)


We think the signs are meant to give IID an out if anybody falls into the ditch.

Your need to breathe versus the recreational needs of the riders are in conflict. Perhaps there's a way to work it out.

Why don't you send a letter to the IID Board of Directors with copies to each individual director? Ask to have the matter put on a meeting agenda for discussion.

You might be surprised at how much support you get. There must be kids kicking up clouds of dust all over the county.

You also might be surprised at how much opposition there would be to making the kids quit riding on the banks.

QUESTION: I lost my house because my tenant quit paying rent when I was back east taking care of a family problem.

A local Realtor is selling the house for the bank. I have been trying to buy it back but the Realtor wouldn't tell me the price.

Finally I couldn't get him on the phone. When I called three times in one afternoon, his secretary became rude and hung up on me. That hurt my feelings! Don't you think people ought to know? — Hurt, El Centro

We don't like to deal with "rudeness" issues. A boss who lets the hired help mistreat customers will pay a price.

By the way, the bank wants $55,000 for your house. That's less than you owed when you lost it. Good luck!

QUESTION: I am going to be a freshman this fall at Brawley Union High School. I signed up for marching band but have not had any response from the band.

However, I have been told the band is holding practice this summer. Would you ask PROBE readers to let me know if the band is practicing or will practice? They can e-mail me because I'm not home most of the time. — Musician, Brawley

We admire your ambition. OK, if anybody knows if or when the marching band practices or meets, just call us on our PROBE line at 337-3448.

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