Voice: To get lower oil prices, vote for the right candidate

June 25, 2001

I know a man who was a big wig in a major railroad and in 1974 he was at a fuel conference in London. He said a man bragged how he had kept his oil tankers out of the Persian Gulf until the price of oil had gone from $2 a barrel to $6 a barrel.

Was there ever a shortage of oil? No. Was it the Arabs who caused the problem? No. The Saudis even tried to get Nixon to fire Kissinger because he was part of the plot. So what is going on today and how do we stop it? Teddy Roosevelt pushed legislation to break up monopolies. These laws are not being enforced.

In the 1970s the oil companies forced mom and pop gas stations out so they could take over the whole operation, from tanker to gas pump. If we had any honest people in Washington it would not have happened. What mainly needed to be done is stop all vertical integration of business into monopolies. Don't allow an oil producer to make gasoline. Don't allow any refiners to own tankers or gas stations. Don't allow any oil producers to own gas stations. This stops the stranglehold they have.


Put in a constitutional amendment to encourage the use of ethyl alcohol for fuel. Fifteen years ago I met a Brazilian exchange student. I asked him about engine problems I had read about in U.S. magazines. He said there were no problems and over 60 percent of cars were on alcohol.

So why will none of this ever get done? Well, it is because of the way you vote. You want to vote for a "winner." You say the candidate that talked about following the Constitution and stopping big business and stopping free trade sounded good but "he can't win." If I hear another idiot say that I'll scream.

So you see why Jesus Christ, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams could not win an election today. They would belong to the far right or a fringe group. He can't win if YOU do not vote for him.

My father voted for Franklin Roosevelt twice but then he learned he was a socialist who wanted to change our government, so my father, who was taught to move to the other side of the street if a Republican walked by, voted for the other candidate. He did not change his vote because he wanted to vote for someone who could win. He voted against Roosevelt because he did not want socialism to take over our country.

It is amazing to watch people vote themselves into slavery and the next week complain about how the IRS took out 75 percent of their overtime check for deductions. If you want lower energy prices you must vote for them. Does that compute?

In the 1970s oil went up due to inflation incurred due to the wars LBJ had going: the war against gold, the war on poverty and the Vietnam War. Oil companies were not going to let their profits melt away due to inflation, so they cooked up the oil embargo.

Well, inflation is another factor today. The private Federal Reserve has been adding 20 percent a year for five years to the money supply. This is inflationary but it keeps us from going into bankruptcy. Why should the oil companies settle for lower profits due to inflation? So they jack up prices and you get to pay for it at the pump. The taxpayer always gets the short end because he either votes for the plutocrats (of the oil companies) or the socialists. So our system continues to erode.


El Centro

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