Bravo partners united in suit against Calexico?

June 26, 2001|By AARON CLAVERIE, Staff Writer

CALEXICO — A group of landowners suing the city of Calexico do not look to be united in its resolve.

One of the men named as a plaintiff in the suit, Dr. Horacio Rodiles of El Centro, said he does not want to sue anyone.

According to a lawsuit filed in Superior Court on May 30 by San Diego attorney Jerry Michael Suppa, Rodiles is suing the city of Calexico and its City Council.

In the lawsuit, the names of Dr. Horacio Rodiles and his wife, Sandra, are listed underneath F.S. Bravo Ltd. as petitioners.


F.S. Bravo Ltd. is a group of landowners.

"They are crazy, out of their minds. I'm not going to sue anyone. This is ridiculous," Rodiles said Monday.

Rodiles said he agreed to appeal the City Council's decision that required him and other landowners to pay for an environmental impact review but never agreed to sue the city or the council.

"I've never had any problem with anyone over there," he said.

In May the City Council rejected the landowners' appeal of a city Planning Commission decision requiring them to compile an EIR for their proposed housing developments, RV park and industrial park.

The EIR would cost $100,000 and take a year to complete.

On May 30, Suppa filed suit against the city.

As hearings have been postponed on the case, Sandra Rodiles has approached City Council members the past couple weeks asking them to look at the 80-acre Rodiles project apart from the F.S. Bravo project, according to Mayor Victor Carrillo.

On Monday, Carrillo said he would be willing to look at the Rodiles' project if it was "brought forth independently" of the Bravo partners project.

"I'm not opposed to revisiting it if it is brought to us like that," Carrillo said.

Rodiles said, "They (the City Council) understand we don't have anything to do with the industrial parks or this, that or the other."

The Bravo partners part of the project includes homes and the RV and industrial parks.

The Rodileses want to build homes on 80 acres near Highway 98.

Rodiles clarified his relationship with F.S. Bravo Ltd.

"The only thing that happened was that we used the same engineer (Tom DuBose of El Centro). They have their plan and we have our plan," Rodiles said.

He continued, "We are not partners. It's always been a misconception that we are tied together. I might just decide not to do anything" with the property.

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