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Voice: AMA wants your intimate details

June 27, 2001

"Are there any guns in your house?" "Were any of your grandparents Jewish?" "How many copies of "Mein Kampf" do you currently possess?"

Questions asked by the Nazi Party? No, questions you'll probably be asked soon if the American Medical Association gets its way!

Dr. Richard Corlin of Santa Monica, president of the AMA, wouldn't mind if these questions were asked to patients. I also understand that some public servants out there in California would like your doctor to be able to ask these questions of their patients. The California public servant would like to pass a bill, that, like the Hitler Youth, would make young children at the doctor's office spill their guts as to if there are any guns in the family home. Zieg heil! God, I thought only Massachusetts had screwed-up politicians.

Did you read about the left-wing neo-Nazi that was recently captured here in Massachusetts? Normally we export criminals, but because our "justice" system ain't, the criminals are moving in here because they have nothing to fear in being caught by the police.


Remember first-degree cop-killer Willie Horton? Recently a Massachusetts State Police officer was charged with getting a 17-year-old girl drunk and taking advantage of her. Yup, he was given retirement as punishment. See how "tough" the Democrats are on criminals?

Speaking of criminals, July 20 will be the 32nd anniversary of the death of a young girl at the hands of a politician whose intelligence will save the world no matter how much the American people will be taxed, but was too stupid to call 911 to save Mary Jo Kopechne from the waters of Chappaquiddick.

For evil to triumph only requires that good people do nothing. Doing nothing: doesn't that sound like most supporters of the Democrat Party?


Stoughton, Mass.

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