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Probe: June 28, 2001

June 28, 2001

QUESTION: Last week there was a full-page advertisement for PacBell DSL high-speed Internet service with Prodigy. The ad showed the Prodigy logo and the TM (trademark) sign in the right-hand corner of the page.

I called the toll-free number on the page. The service is not available in Holtville, where I live. And the service is not associated with Prodigy at this time.

Can anybody in Imperial Valley get DSL yet? If not, when can we get it? — Waiting for DSL, Holtville

The advertisement was a mistake, according to Pacific Bell spokesman Brian Brokowski.

DSL is not available anywhere in Imperial County. Brokowski didn't know when it may be available.

When the telephone company decided to advertise service in areas where it is available, it inadvertently sent the ads to all the newspapers normally used. Included on the list was this newspaper, although the Imperial Valley is not slated for the service in the near future, said Maurice Luque, area director of Pacific Bell public relations.


By the way, DSL is not an Internet service. It is a faster way of transmitting information, he said.

Prodigy is associated with PacBell. It is the Internet service provider for PacBell, according to Luque.

BUHS BAND PRACTICE — Tell the incoming Brawley high freshman not to worry. The band is not practicing without her. We are planning a band camp in August. Every student will be sent a flyer. We also will call the students to provide more details. Tell her to be prepared to work. — Parent Volunteer, Brawley

About the only thing we can add is the band director is Amy Daley and Julie Malan is the parent volunteer who communicated with us. Good luck.

IN SEARCH OF — Tell the man in Niland looking for the mother of his daughters that she works for the El Centro Elementary School District. One of the girls works for JCPenney in the catalog department in El Centro. I have seen her in there. — Helpful, Imperial County

Thank you. We hope they want to find him.

A WORD OF WISDOM — I would like to tell single mothers they can save themselves needless pain. If you have a baby without the support of the baby's father, don't put his name on the birth certificate.

You can do this if he has not been in the baby's life or you are not getting welfare for support.

File for sole custody of the child. Otherwise he can file for custody and he might get it. My baby's father didn't care about her. He sued for custody to hurt me. I am sorry I was not wiser in the protection of my child.

If anybody has help or advice for me, please send it. — Heartbroken Mom, no address

You didn't give a way to reach you. Nevertheless, if we get any advice we will pass it along in PROBE.

We believe fathers are parents, too, but we also believe some men develop stronger paternal feelings when they get the bill for child support.

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