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Voice: Separation of church and state good, but it can't stop God

July 02, 2001

This letter is in response to the blissful ignorance of Virginia Vindiola that was displayed ever so elegantly in her letter to our newspaper.

Actually, this is only a correction to her thoughts.

My God is evidently different than yours. My God is present everywhere, even if it is not publicized or spoken about. My God is present where there is only one believer. My God does not stay away from a place simply because it is against the law. My God has his own laws that he follows and begs us to do the same.

Virginia, I am a religious man, but I believe in the separation of church and state with all my heart. If we did allow "God" to be an integral and federally acknowledged part of our children's school lives, you know that all gods would need to be allowed, not just the majority's.

Remember, there is a percentage of our school children whose God is named Lucifer.


Virginia, I'm sorry, but as gallant as you may have thought your letter to be, it is tremendously misguided and simply wrong. I don't know who first wrote, "Think before you speak," but I thought you would like to hear it. It's a good piece of advice.


El Centro

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