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Voice: Buy your guns before the blackouts

July 04, 2001

Buy more guns and keep your powder dry, California; blackouts or criminals from Massachusetts your way come!

Did you hear the "good-bad" news today? One of our notorious criminals was captured up there near Santa Barbara. Peter Gagnon from Northbridge, Mass., was caught in California after drugging and raping young girls — his daughter's friends — in his home.

It's Clinton deja vu all over again! Come to think of it, has anyone seen James "Whitey" Bulger, serial murderer and child rapist from South Boston? He's been missing for a few years on the run.

Yes, the world is out; buy your guns before the blackouts hit your neighborhood and the criminals take over the streets. Remember, lawful citizens must wait 15 days in California before they can exercise their right to buy a gun to defend their life and liberty, because as the U.S. Supreme Court has said, "The police are not responsible for anyone's safety!"


Yes, government can make you wait 15 days to buy a gun to defend your life and liberty; no, you cannot sue the government when they fail to protect your life and liberty. Sen. Boxer will confirm this.

Avoid the rush before the blackouts and riots hit your neighborhood. Be as smart as the people of Kennesaw, Ga., who have one of the safest and most civilized communities in the world because they have passed a bylaw requiring that every house have a gun. El Centro, are you listening?

Take a hint from the fact that you will never see a fight break out at a shooting event. You never want to start a fight with a person who is holding an "assault weapon" or a "Saturday Night Special." Nuf said. Avoid the rush; buy your guns earlier and often!


Stoughton, Mass.

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