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Calexico approves a ‘working budget' for the fiscal year

fine-tuning ahead

July 04, 2001|By AARON CLAVERIE, Staff Writer

CALEXICO — The City Council here voted unanimously to approve the 2001-2002 preliminary budget as the working budget for the beginning of this fiscal year.

Mayor Pro Tem John Renison stressed it is only a "working budget" because the council will address personnel requests from various city departments in upcoming weeks.

Fiscal 2001-2002 began Sunday.

At Tuesday's council meeting, City Manager Richard Inman told the council that after the budget workshop last week, he fielded requests for 32 positions that were not in the preliminary budget.

The price tag for those new employees would exceed $1.2 million.

"We obviously know we aren't going to fund a million-two," Renison said.

Councilman Javier Alatorre agreed with Renison and said he would be willing to hire "income-generating" personnel.

Councilman Gilbert Grijalva wanted to know how much money the city will be taking in the short term and long term before making decisions on personnel matters.


"We need to know where we are from an economic standpoint. Will there be downturns or upswings?" he asked

Alatorre had similar concerns.

"We should have a better picture. Where is this money coming from?" Alatorre said.

Inman told the board he would set up presentations so department heads could make their cases for staff increases and put together a comprehensive overview of Calexico's economic prospects.

"I've given you a synopsis of the additional positions requested. I recommend you adopt the preliminary budget and allow me to review the revenue makers," Inman said.

The council approved the preliminary budget and members said they will work with Inman to prioritize personnel requests before making a decision on who to hire.

"It's going to come down to a matter of priorities," Grijalva said.

The preliminary budget the council approved appropriates $10,993,365 of $10,979,993 in expected revenue.

Earlier in Tuesday's meeting, Mayor Victor Carrillo appointed Adriana Esparza to the Calexico Housing Authority Board of Commissioners. Esparza will take the seat of Commissioner Jose Quiroz, whose term has ended.

Esparza works for Imperial County Social Services and worked for the Calexico Housing Authority from 1987-1992 .

Carrillo praised his appointee for her commitment to housing issues and knowledge of rules and regulations with which she'll be dealing.

"She'll hit the ground running," he said.

Her appointment was warmly received by more than 20 of her supporters who attended Tuesday's meeting. Most of the supporters wore stickers bearing her name.

Carrillo's appointment of Esparza was unanimously approved by the council.

Staff Writer Aaron Claverie can be reached at 337-3419.

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