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Voice: Boniface was correct in labeling certain MAPA members

July 05, 2001

Glorious David Boniface I hail you for two things: 1. For recognizing us as mulas and jackasses. I for one because I get bored at motels, get up at 2 a.m., drive six hours to spend four hours at national/state MAPA meetings. I, like a mula, work for candidates, most of whom have won, for no pay.

Danny Santillan does work like a jackass. He knows many people in Imperial County and works very loyally for candidates for bean burritos and ice tea. He's very good at donations, which he turns in intact.

Those who are afraid to be publicly soiled seek out Danny to catch their flak on political, changes that benefit the majority. Yet he has not been honored at the local organizations, probably because they don't want a soiled jackass who received all their flak to give them a bad name.

2. David you got us many new members. You got Raul Aragon, Hispanic of 2001, to join MAPA. I love you. Keep it up.


Glorious David, you must come from the heavens. You know all about MAPA without ever having been to any of our meetings or even working with us. Hail!

You never proclaim heaven from where you were sent and that makes you a non-nationalist.

At MAPA, because we all want to be true Americans like you, we are getting plastic surgery to look and act like you. Oh, what a beautiful place this will be. We will be loved by the whole world like the whole world loves you. Hail David!


El Centro

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