‘Monsoons' bring showers to Valley

more expected

July 05, 2001|By LAURA MACKENZIE, Staff Writer

Brief rain showers sprinkled parts of southern Imperial County this morning and were expected to continue tonight and into tomorrow.

County meteorologist Jim Christopherson said he expected the sun to break through the clouds this afternoon.

"Tonight and tomorrow expect showers and thundershowers over the county," Christopherson predicted.

Christopherson said the thundershowers probably will be isolated, only affecting certain cities.

He said "it's hard to tell" which cities might get hit.

"This morning we'll get less than one-10th of an inch in rain," Christopherson said, adding tonight's and tomorrow's rains could bring more precipitation.

He predicted this weekend's weather to be partly cloudy with a high of 106 degrees.

"Next week there will be isolated storms," he said of what Valley residents can expect.

"The storms tend to go up in the afternoons through the evenings," said Christopherson.

Christopherson said the rain is a result of the "Arizona monsoon" season, which starts "the farmers say around the Fourth of July."


The "Arizona monsoon" season is when winds from the south bring up humidity from Mexico.

Christopherson said usually such weather systems only hit Arizona, but on occasion, such as today, they can affect the Imperial Valley.

The "Arizona monsoon" season lasts until mid-September.

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