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Crackdown likely on residents who flood streets

July 06, 2001|By MARIO RENTERÍA, Staff Writer

WESTMORLAND — The City Council here may be cracking down on residents who flood city streets.

At the council meeting Thursday, the council and city staffers talked about an ordinance that would fine residents who flood the streets.

Mayor Henry Halcon said the problem generally happens when residents leave their sprinklers or hoses on all night.

He said he had awakened several times to find water on his driveway from a neighbor's over-watering.

City staffers and residents at the meeting asked questions concerning residents washing cars or watering down dirt streets to lessen dust from rising.

Halcon responded the council would take everything into consideration when writing the ordinance. Halcon said he and others will put together an ordinance and present it at the next council meeting.


Police Chief Fred Beltran asked the council to attach a high fine to the ordinance and to make the fine rise for every offense for recurring offenders.

The council also passed an ordinance to increase the rental prices of the youth hall from $12 to $20 an hour and the deposit from $100 to $200.

The council talked about adding security to the hall. The lights at the hall will be turned on until 11:30 p.m.

The council talked briefly about adding sewer lines behind Gray's Stage Shop.

The owner of Gray's Stage Shop is in the process of enlarging the parking lot behind the store for truckers to park their rigs and sleep.

Halcon said he thought it would be a good idea to add sewer lines while the pavement is already broken.

Halcon said he knows of a fast food business thinking about building a restaurant near that spot and thought it would be a good idea to also prepare for that business and build the sewer lines.

The cost to build the lines would be $69,897, which didn't sit well with councilman John Makin. Makin said the city shouldn't be spending that type of money for a potential business.

"If they want the business badly enough, they'll do it themselves and the city won't pay a nickel," said Makin.

The item was tabled until the next council meeting July 18.

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