Probe: July 6, 2001

July 06, 2001

WHAT SO-CALLED AMENDMENT? — I object to your reference to the Second Amendment in the U.S. Constitution as "the so-called right to bear arms" amendment. There's nothing "so-called" about it. It is the right to bear arms amendment! I can tell by the way you wrote that sentence that you are not a gun lover or one who likes to go target shooting. — Gun Owner, El Centro

That's the trouble with civil discourse these days. You can't have a discussion without everybody jumping to conclusions based on scant evidence.

We threw in the qualifier "so-called" because after 200 years, there's still no consensus on the meaning of the Second Amendment.

Gun control advocates argue the right to bear a .25-caliber handgun is meaningless in any well-regulated militia today. To protect the security of the state, you need at least a few ballistic missiles, some armored tanks and a few grenade launchers.


We can see the point of that argument but we think the constitutional framers meant exactly what the Second Amendment said.

Does that surprise you?

But you're right. We don't like guns! We're afraid of guns. But we are more afraid of people who love guns.

Having said that, we don't want to outlaw guns, even handguns. We want the burglars checking out the houses in our neighborhood to be fearful that the householders may have guns inside and know how to use them.

Goodness, it's July 6, almost a week into the "dog days" of summer.

QUESTION: When is the period called "dog days?" — Curious, Seeley

That's the miserably hot days of July and August, so-called because during that period the Dog Star (Sirius) rises and falls with the sun.

In observance of the season we give you a question about a lost (and found) dog.

QUESTION: A well-nourished and obviously lost dog found us. She is a young, plump, possibly pregnant Dalmatian female. We've got her in our back yard in the Sunset subdivision in Imperial. We can't keep her. She has no collar but she's so well-groomed, I know she belongs to somebody. — Good Samaritan, Imperial

OK, if you lost your Dalmation, call 355-1385. We like happy endings so let's give you a sad story that turned out well.

QUESTION: We're moving and we can't take our two 11-year-old dogs with us. These dogs are like members of our family. We can't just throw them out.

Do you know of any place to put two elderly, loving dogs? — Pet Owner, Calexico

Doesn't that break your heart? The thought of two dogs who have known nothing but a loving home ending up in an animal shelter? Hang on …

A PLACE TO GO — Forget about my earlier call about my dogs. I found homes for them. — Relieved, Calexico

You are a good human being. Some pet owners would have dumped the dogs on a country road, hoping a kinder person would rescue them.

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