Our Opinion: Safety came first

July 07, 2001

The Fourth of July has come and gone, quietly.

Sure there was the familiar explosion of fireworks in the skies above the Imperial Valley, and there may have been the occasional problem for firefighters and police, but there was no major incidents.

The people of the Imperial Valley enjoyed the Fourth with family, friends and as communities in safe ways that made Independence Day that much better. There were few accidents, no one died, relatively few DUIs and few reports of fires. Those fires that did start were small, and no homes were damaged and no one was hurt.

It seems of late safety during the holidays has become a trend in the Imperial Valley. It seems we are maturing and coming together even more as a community.


Take the sand dunes. In year's past we have heard reports of violent and dangerous behavior during holiday weekends. That situation seems to be improving and locals are among those pushing participants to behave better.

Sure, some problems occur, but it is good to see people keeping in mind the idea of playing it safe.

That is how we all make holidays that much more memorable. The Fourth of July 2001 will be remembered for the fireworks shows over Imperial Valley College and Calipatria and the celebration in Calexico. Nothing occurred to mar our remembrance of the holiday.

We hope this trend continues. The Imperial Valley, despite its flaws, is truly a community, and the people here care about their neighbors. It is that kind of attitude that leads to safe celebrations and helps us endure our summers.

We still do have areas where we could improve. One glaring example: There are too many deaths on Imperial Valley roadways because people do not play it safe. Often people take chances when they are in a rush. Don't take the risk of crossing double yellow lines simply because the person in front of you is driving slower than you would like. You may think the road ahead looks open, but you never know what might be out of your field of vision.

Remember, as the summer months — with their potentially deadly heat — move forward, such heat can make one agitated, particularly behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Play it safe for you and everyone around you. We did well on the Fourth of July. Let's do well year-round.

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