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By Elizabeth Lofgren

July 09, 2001

A reader writes: By Elizabeth Lofgren

A poor choice of words, grown traditional, has helped send our sweat-kissed taxes around the world and throughout the U.S. Finance the pork, pork, pork in political barrels, pay for loony projects without end, toss good money after bad and yet hardly ever know we foot the bill.

The words, "federal funds," the "government is paying," or "government money" etc. Today's clichés have cost us our shirts, countless millions of people are falsely led to believe they somehow got something for nothing.

Day by day we read, "Some new cost will be met by federal funds." There are no federal funds. "That's our money!" To be accurate it should read, "Will be met by taxpayers' funds." We've announced locally that part of the cost "will come from federal funds." This part sounds like found money. It's found money only in the sacrifice of the rest of us elsewhere.


We are constantly told the government will pay for such- and-such, an educational program, a subsidy of $5 million for an insect rearing facility in Stoneville, Miss., $143,200 for continuing termite research in Hawaii, half a million for peanut allergy reduction in Alabama, half a million for the reservation of a carrousel in Cleveland, Ohio, $26 million for the rehabilitation of the opera house in Meridian, Miss., $300,000 for a laboratory in East Rancid, Mich., to map and identify genes in chickens, $300,000 for the Pineapple Growers Association of Hawaii.

This all came from Sen. John McCain, who exposed it all. The government pays for nothing. We the taxpayers pay and pay.

When it is said Washington sends aid to different areas and countries, Washington aids nobody. It should say "taxpayers aid." Sounds different, doesn't it?

The State Department pays for individual world journeys. No, we the taxpayers did.

One of our nations most urgent problem is to "leave money in the pockets of the people who earn it, and put less in the hands of politicians who burn it."

Politicians might think we are in awe of their slick tongues, but we are pretty intelligent and know they are dipping in our pockets daily.

We all know there are no "federal funds." It is all taxpayers' money. As you pay for "federal income taxes," have you ever thought of where it's going?

Elizabeth Lofgren


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