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Voice: Enough of Boniface, Rubio and the rest

July 09, 2001

Enough is enough is enough, or as my nina would say, "Ya basta, muchachos."

On Thursday, after enjoying one of the coolest Fourth of July days in the Valley, I was sizzling over another letter published in the Imperial Valley Reiterate by Robert Rubio expressing his love/hate penmanship toward the 20/20 doctor, Mr. Boniface.

How short-sighted is this newspaper?

Mr. "Publicizer," I refuse to believe that my fellow Valleyites are enjoying this cat and dog (or would it be more appropriate to say jackasses) fight any more than I am.

Are these the only letters that are submitted to the Voice of the Mule?

If the boys get a kick by seeing their names in print, get another topic or get a life.

Editor, don't narrow your section to two boys who see this world through their own spectacles. Encourage other readers to express their views.


To paraphrase Pulitzer, he was quoted as saying a newspaper shouldn't have any friends. I don't intend to make two or three new friends here. When it comes to writing I have no amigos. Neither do I try to please my ego. What's "right" is write.


El Centro

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