PROBE: July 9, 2001

July 09, 2001

QUESTION: Does Rep. Gary Condit's admission that he had a romantic relationship with Chandra Levy, the federal intern, surprise anybody?

Wasn't Condit one of the state Assembly's "Gang of Five" that tried to unseat Willie Brown as head of the assembly 15 years ago? — Old Democrat, Brawley

You have a good memory. Do you also remember that the ringleader of that short-lived uprising was Steve Peace, at that time the assemblyman representing Imperial and Eastern San Diego County?

If you do, you may remember, the insurgents chose this newspaper's El Centro office to lay down the gauntlet.

Then Willie Brown lowered the boom. He had the young turks whimpering before he was through taking away their perks.

The power grab must have played well in Stanislaus County because the voters soon sent Condit to Congress.

QUESTION: Why doesn't the local weatherman cooperate with Johnny Mountain, the Los Angeles KABC weather man?


KABC used to report Imperial County weather. I remember the KABC weatherman used to be quite an issue here. I get the feeling we are no longer on the weather map and it doesn't seem fair. — TV Watcher, Imperial

Did Mountain say our weatherman doesn't cooperate? What's Jim Christopherson supposed to do, call up the station to report it will be clear, sunny and warm all this week?

We don't want to shake your faith but if Mountain wanted to report on our weather, he would dig up the information. He usually mentions Palm Springs'(hot and sunny) weather.

You are recalling the uproar when the local cable system dropped KABC, and Dr. George Fischbeck and the Channel 7 News Team from cable.

We've never believed the furor was about losing a popular weatherman from the cable system. We think it had more to do with fury aimed at the cable system because its system upgrade construction interrupted coverage of the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.

QUESTION: Can you tell me who signed the letter saying I said, "This is the United States. These people live here. They should learn to speak English!"

I didn't say that in the meeting. Two or three days later, I did say it to one person and I think he wrote the letter. I believe people should learn to speak English when they come to this country. — City Clerk, Calipatria

You're right, people should learn to speak English and we should lose weight, get more exercise and quit smoking.

But we don't know who wrote the letter. It was not signed. We wouldn't tell you if we did know. We never reveal the identities of people who write to PROBE.

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