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Thank You: Local medical professionals, public safety officials are special people

July 10, 2001

In Imperial County, due to our extremely hot, humid summer temperatures, it is very easy to suffer dehydration. Even though we are consuming plenty of fluids and think we are staying hydrated, we can be overcome by the heat.

Recently I had to go to the ER for rehydration on two separate occasions. I thought I was doing all the right things, but apparently it wasn't enough.

I would like to thank my primary care physician, Dr. Uberto Muzzarelli at the Valley Family Care Clinic, and his nurse Gina, and the other ladies who were so helpful and caring. I'm sure I was pretty disagreeable. Thank you all, and please accept my apology.

Thanks, too, to Dr. Steve B. and Nurse Sherry and the rest of the ER staff at Pioneers Memorial Hospital. You work long, exhausting shifts and during the summer months many of the patients at the ER have heat-related problems. Thank you for your help. Please know that your efforts are appreciated.


The Westmorland Fire Department has a rapid response time and that's encouraging when you're frightened. On this occasion Officer Mistriel was at the door promptly. Thanks, guys.

People on a fixed income, especially senior citizens, tend to economize wherever possible, and raising their thermostats in the summer and lowering them in the winter is often one of their economic strategies. Elderly people and people with respiratory problems are especially vulnerable. Cooling or heating their homes should not have to be one of their choices. It can be a life-threatening choice.

I'm very lucky to have friends and neighbors who check on me to make certain I'm all right. Thank you all.



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