Probe: July 11, 2001

July 11, 2001

MORE ON BEN HULSE — The late state Sen. Ben Hulse lived in Imperial.

The house he built for himself and his first wife at 215 S. G St. still stands. My parents bought the house in the 1950s and lived there for many years. My father worked for Mr. Hulse when he owned the Caterpillar agency in El Centro many years ago.

Sen. Hulse's first wife died in a house fire in the mountains near Laguna. They had a summer home there. — Proud Resident, Imperial

Thank you. That's the kind of stuff we don't find in history books. Now let's thank our Buena Park reader for giving us the excuse to brag about a man who made his corner of the world a little better.


QUESTION: Tell me why your newspaper ignored the arrest of Mike Kalin, a Holtville cop, after a wreck in Brawley.

He was roaring drunk and when they put him in the police unit, he kicked out a car window. You're letting them shove this under the rug.

He's getting away with it. He's already back to work. Is it because he comes from a rich family or because his daddy writes a column for the paper? — Skeptic, Holtville

Obviously you didn't read our June 3 edition carefully. There was a 10-inch story at the top of page 3 about the arrest of Officer Michael Kalin, 32, after he collided with another vehicle at First and West E streets in Brawley. That's behind the Carl's Jr. restaurant.

He's not getting away with anything. He is not back at work, and our sources say it's unlikely he will return. For now he's on "administrative" leave until the issues are sorted out.

The county District Attorney's Office is considering a criminal complaint. No matter what the outcome of the criminal proceedings, he probably will lose his driver's license and his job.

The state Department of Motor Vehicles tends to ignore court decisions when it considers license revocations.

All of this is falling on the head of an officer that most thought had a bright future in law enforcement.

Mike's dad, Al Kalin, didn't make his money working for us. We suspect he writes his column because he loves it, which is the only reason anybody writes.

By the way, he works for the sports department and the sports department runs the column because it's always interesting and readable.

The sports department doesn't tell the news department what to print. When we asked the sports department about your suspicions, it didn't know young Kalin had been arrested.

QUESTION: Does anybody know where to get a good barbecue beef sandwich? — Hungry, El Centro

It depends on what you call a GOOD barbecue beef sandwich. Everybody has a different idea of a good barbecue beef sandwich.

We prefer a barbecue pork sandwich. The last time we had a really good one was at McClard's barbecue stand in Hot Springs, Ark., in 1976. That was Bill Clinton's favorite hangout.

When we went back in 1998, it was a totally different sandwich with the meat drowned in a sauce that looked and tasted like catsup.

But maybe our PROBE readers have their own ideas. You can share your thoughts on our PROBE line, 337-3448.

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